The Sole e95 – Best Fitness?

The Sole E95 – Best Fitness?

Is It the Best Of Home Fitness Equipment?

The Sole e95 can be categorized as a mid to high end elliptical from Sole Fitness, ideal as an item home fitness equipment. The review model is an update from 2013 model,  so is the late 2014 version. Having looked it over, the 2014 Sole e95 elliptical does add significantly to the Sole elliptical range of machines. In fact, judging by it’s current discounted price and recognized quality in design and finish, this model could be considered the best model for American family fitness, or any family’s best fitness.

Why do you say that?

Take a moment and read what follows please, all will be revealed.


Is The Console Easy to use?

Some reviewers say that this is the best console that Sole have on their elliptical trainers.  This Sole e95 has a large, bright, 9 inch (23 centimeter) blue back lit LCD screen that looks a bit like a vehicle speedometer because it has three dials as well as other displays showing incline,time interval, equivalent distance, difficulty level and other information including pulse or heart rate.

The buttons below the screen are large and clearly marked.

We think this does make a difference, believe it or not, because once you get used to what the information is you are looking at, it becomes a sort of fitness motivation tool. It can assist you with your fitness or weight loss goal setting.

Sole e95 console

The start and stop buttons are the ones closest to you which is a help. The other buttons are clearly labeled so there is no confusion. The buttons will be easy to change for most people while exercising, but people who are short in stature may have a problem reaching some of the buttons while exercising, and may have to set their preferred buttons at the start of their workout routine. But one nice touch on his machine, is the addition of built in thumb controls on the handle bars.

We think this console is up there with the best – well laid out and intuitive to operate.

Not Too Sure About The Workout Programs?

Some may say that the programming on the Sole Fitness e95 elliptical is below par because of the reduced number of options available.  Those of you who prefer to manually set your program this will not be an issue.

The Sole E95 Elliptical has 10 programs. How many programs we need is of course personal preference. We know that other brands of elliptical have more programs, but we have a sneaking suspicion that the number of programs is not really a make or break factor here. Hey we could be wrong here – just our opinion!

So if you want more programs on your elliptical, the Sole e95 may not be for you.

Sole E95 side view female

OK , so basically the program set up is:

  •  Six preset programs,
  •  Two custom programs
  •  Two programs for heart rate.

So with this combination you do have a choice that will enable you to have a good workout and so help you achieve your fitness goals.

If there is no program that does what you want, then there are the two custom programs for you to work with.  These two programs are important because they provide for greater flexibility with your personal programming, and reduce the need for heaps more programs.

Some may disagree, but we think the heart rate programs are good to see on an elliptical trainer. Heart rate is such an intricate part of any fitness routine, that it is a must to have them included. I always like to see the heart rate programs available as they really do assist with your programs to get you fit.

You can get the information for your pulse rate from the handles or the supplied heart sensor.

What are the General Features of this Fitness Machine?

Sole e95 flywheelThe drive system of this Sole E95 is quiet – the motion is natural and fluid at all aspects in both forward and reverse.

With a heavy 29 pound (13 kg) aluminum fly wheel that provides excellent momentum, which is coupled to a well thought out gear ratio, gives this elliptical machine a very smooth feel. Running resistance, or the exercise impedance is achieved by an Electromagnetically Controlled Braking system (ECB) which again adds to the smooth feel and allows for very even and gradual adjustments you may want to make while exercising.

Quite a few brands of elliptical fitness machines use a light flywheel or don’t have one. This means there is limited or no energy transfer/storage that a substantial flywheel can provide, so the smoothness of operation is limited because of this and there is more reliance on the breaking system to control the Sole E95’s motion.

Importantly, for us amateurs, there is a pulse grip on the handle bars of the Sole E95, as well as a chest strap heart rate monitor (the heart rate chest strap is included) to check on heart rate during our elliptical training. This is pretty significant,  especially for those people who may be just starting their fitness works and need to make sure they don’t overdo their heart beat rate during their fitness works.

As well, there is a cooling fan (for the exerciser!)  built into the head of the console. Included also is a audio system we can link up to and a water bottle holder.

The power incline is a useful feature thought up by Sole Fitness. You can easily change the ramp angle from a level position to a 30 degree incline smoothly.  With this option you can imitate going uphill and so get the lower body muscles running fit. So by combining the incline adjustment with the resistance settings, a workout routine can be planned that goes from warm up to a challenging aerobic/cardiac work out to test your best fitness. These two settings, the incline and the resistance, allow for a lot of flexibility to get you fit whether you are starting a just fitness program or are running fit.

One positive feature we like on the Sole e95 elliptical is the ability to operate the machine in both a forward and backward motion. This feature is not always available on elliptical fitness equipment and it is an important one because it allows you to balance your workout by working as many muscle groups as you can in one workout routine.


Sole e95

        Multi Hand Positions

For example, you will find that by going backwards, if you have not been in the habit of doing this, will cause some muscles to become a bit tender or sore, and as long this part of your exercise is not over done, this is a good thing because it shows different muscles are being worked! Operating it backwards also increases your “puff” – you will find that running in a backward motion, which is like pulling something along, certainly increases the fitness of the quadricep muscles in your upper leg as well as your lower calf muscles and the old lungs!

We have already discussed (Click Here) in another post the importance of  having biomechanical and ergonomic design principles built into an elliptical. The Sole elliptical design has the adjustable elements that allow you to personalize your foot angle. You do not see this in other elliptical machines. As well as angle adjustment for the foot, the pedal is at a two degree slope. This allows us to modify the pedal angle to suit our particular gait – or the way we move because we are all different.

These adjustments for the pedals are quite easy to do in that you just “dial up” the pedals to suit the shape and angle of your feet – we think this is a big advantage for Sole fitness because it allows you to adjust things much closer to your natural movement and so the stresses on joints etc. during your workout routine  are minimized, if not removed completely.

One other important design feature of the Sole series of ellipticals is the foot pedals are positioned close together,  further enhancing the natural way we run with our feet close together and so removing any chance of stressing ankle knee or hip. The design of some other elliptical brands means there is some separation in the foot pedals so the natural running posture is compromised and more unnatural sideways movement is required.

The combination of all these features on the Sole Ellipticals  is great for reducing stress on the hips, knees, ankles, and toes – the latter is important because pressure and numbness in our pinkies can be a problem if the design of the foot pedals is not flexible enough.

So the above design features of the Sole e95  are thought to minimize the “numb toe” problem as well as the over-stretching of the Achillies Tendons.

The pedals are 15 inches  (38 cm) long and the  design of the pedals was undertaken with input from physical therapists.

Sole e95 rear rollersIf you look at the pictures of the Sole e95, the rear support for the movement is by way of four large wheels with metal bearings. on four heavy duty tracks or rails.  This design feature is the reason for the “true” direction of the movement when exercising on the elliptical.  Your legs, and more importantly your feet, follow a natural, well aligned path.

As well, this sturdy wheel/track  feature increases stability, especially when heavy people are using it.  One big advantage of this Sole fitness machine is that the maximum user weight is 400 pounds (181 kilograms) and this is the heaviest we have seen for any elliptical  trainers and at the current price of $1699, this is a pretty impressive performance rating.

This impressive weight capacity is because of the rails and heavy duty solid frame of the Sole  elliptical, and while these features do increase the price, they also increase the safety of the machine and it is these design features that will  allow your elliptical to last longer.

The handles are designed so there is the ability for multiple hand positions when using the exercise machine.

The dimensions of the Sole e95 are 27 x 62x 83 inches (Width x Height x Depth) (similarly 68 x 158 x 211 cms). The total weight of the machine is 215 pounds (97 kgs).

For a tall person it will pay to measure clearance to the ceiling for where you intend to set it up – especially if you have set up your machine in the basement and there are beams present!  🙄

What About the Warranty?

The warranty set up for the Sole E95 and Sole equipment in general is one of the best we have seen with a five year warranty for the electrics and parts and lifetime for the frame. The one thing that did impress us was the two year labor warranty.

There is also a 30 day return policy, freight paid, with an 8% restocking fee.

So this is a statement by Sole Fitness that they are standing behind their Sole Elliptical.


What Is Our Rating of the Sole E 95 Elliptical

So as part of this Sole e95 elliptical review we would give it almost top marks. The only thing against it is the limited number of programs available. But really, taking all other positive attributes into consideration, and considering that the programming thing is personal preference, in our experience the Sole e95 has an adequate range of programming options to provide a good series of workout routines to get you fit.

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