Is The Sole Elliptical E95 Good Value?

Is this Sole Elliptical E95 Good Value For Money?

Welcome to this site about the Sole Elliptical E95,  and congratulations to you. I’m guessing that by arriving here you have decided to do something for your own fitness which is just great. Fitness motivation is something to be treasured, because you’d have to say that fitness works.

To answer the question above, yes we do think it is good value, especially with $1100 taken off the usual price. To find out why – read on.

There are many ways we can get fit, and for a lot of us it is just fitness we are interested in so we can enjoy life to the full. Owning home fitness equipment, like an elliptical trainer, provides an excellent means of achieving our good health goals.Sole elliptical e95

For a start it enables us to undertake our fitness program in the privacy of where we live, which adds a huge positive for convenience:

  1. The fitness program we undertake can fit around our own schedule rather than  having a fixed time at the gym etc. where we have to fit into someone else’s schedule
  2.  No 0ngoing, associated costs is another factor because there is no need for a car trip, so no gas used and no parking to find and there is no monthly subscription charge.  The economics of investing in your own elliptical machine versus paying monthly subscription fees, which is like a rental cost,  has  real positive outcomes.
  3. The Sole Elliptical will always have a resale value.
  4. The adjustments available on the elliptical E95 mean that most anybody can use it, so people can achieve fitness together – like, say for American family fitness!

The Sole Elliptical e95 Or Other Exercise Machines?

What is the best exercise machine for you? The choice of elliptical trainers depends on a lot of a factors and I guess it comes down to choosing between elliptical machines, treadmills or indoor exercycles, maybe even rowing machines – because all these involve dynamic motion and can be used at home.

Of the three I think the ellipticals have the advantage:

  1. They eliminate the *percussive nature of running but still get you running fit. *What I mean by percussive is the jarring that our joints have to absorb when we run on  a hard surface.
  2.  Both legs are exercised separately, and they allow us to actually work our arms so that we really are giving our bodies a good work out routine and exercising more of our muscles during one session than the other pieces of exercise equipment.
  3. The ability to exercise more leg muscles by operating the Sole Elliptical in reverse.
  4. Ellipticals use minimal or no power compared to  treadmills.

Why Did we Choose The Sole Elliptical e95?

Naturally we looked around the elliptical market to see what was available. Through a process of elimination based on factors discussed on this site we decided on the  Sole Fitness brand and the E95 Elliptical as a very popular, versatile fitness machine.

  1. Sole is a very reputable company specializing in fitness equipment. Sole’s customer service ethic is up there with the best and it’s warranties may be the best period.
  2. All Sole equipment is designed and built with attention to detail and the finished product is effective and reliable.
  3. The E95 elliptical machine is capable of serving a large number of people because of its pricing and capabilities, for example, it’s maximum weight load for exercising is 400lbs.
  4. It is much liked by Consumer Organizations.

Now I have to say there is a fair bit of “jargon” used by the fitness industry to describe the action of the elliptical trainer and you will see words like Biomechanics and Ergonomics. As well, there will be phrases like “Plantar flexion” and “Erector Spinae Rotation” or “Ulnar Deviation”.

Home Use Sole Elliptical e95

So it is refreshing to find the people at SOLE to be pretty down to earth when it comes to the terminology they use (a good sign), because you shouldn’t need an in depth understanding of orthopedics ( the study of spine and joints) to do your research when buying a relatively simple piece of exercise equipment.

The words Biomechanics and Ergonomics are relevant, however, because they relate to the design of the elliptical trainer.

– Biomechanics is the study of how our bodies move.

– Ergonomics in this case is the study of how to design a machine that mimics our body’s movement so that when we use it; It is comfortable and non stressful to our joints etc.

So using these terms in relation to an Elliptical Trainer like the Sole Elliptical e95, means it should have:

  1. A smooth, continuous foot motion.
  2. Foot motion should describe an ellipse pattern (flattened circle) because this is the path our foot takes when walking and running normally.
  3. It needs to be very stable.
  4. Must operate on a level base because Ellipticals need to accurately simulate how you would run, so there should be no resistive tensions building up while you exercise.  For example, I’ve heard that at the end of a home work out routine some ellipticals cause ankle stress and/or toe numbness because the foot angle is wrong.

Who is This Company Called Sole?

The company Sole, has been involved in designing and building fitness equipment to get you fit for decades and the brand SOLE is well known and respected worldwide – hence the term Sole Fitness.

Sole’s products are currently distributed in 22 major countries throughout the world, and one of its initiatives was to form partnerships with hotels to put Sole fitness equipment into the gym areas for hotels.


Sole Fitness Logo


The company has focused it’s energy on the elliptical, treadmill and exercise bike and in this way has been able to focus quite well on the three products, which means its product development appears to have been logical and fast.

Sole say they are the fastest growing brand in this industry for USA and Canada, and Sole fitness has been the front runner for the past five years.

One area where they say they are a bit “old fashioned”  is in customer service and they offer a 30 day money back guarantee freight paid, with an 8% restocking fee. The  warranties are pretty generous. For example, with the Sloe Elliptical e95, there is a lifetime warranty on the frame, five years each for the electronics and parts, and labor is free for two years.

Sole must be doing something right because their Elliptical trainers made the top list of best Elliptical Machines as voted by who said:

Sole Fitness elliptical machines are built to last. You can expect a quiet and smooth ride, along with a durable machine that is ideal for a great workout. These are heavy duty elliptical machines with nice features and a value price. If you are in the market for a quality elliptical machine you should consider Sole Fitness.” TopConsumer August 27 2015

There are three delivery options available, all 2-4 day delivery:

  •  To your house is free
  • Moved to the room of your choice with the box and all other packaging removed costs $99.
  • Moved to the room of your choice, assembled and all packaging material removed costs $239.

This is a Biggy in our view: Naturally we all look for the best deal, but unfortunately some of us base our idea of the best deal only on price – sorry I have to say it but we think this is very unwise. In today’s “multi-optioned” market it is wise to look closely at the whole picture especially at the manufacturer. Because if you do you will get free shipping, the full warranty options, the manufacturers support and you know you are getting a brand new item.

 Brief Specifications of the Sole Elliptical E95

Click Here for a more detailed description

  • The settings on the Sole Elliptical E95 provide for a wide range of workout intensity from a slow walk up to a challenging aerobic cardiac workout.
  • A large, 9 inch, blue, backlit LCD display helps you track your training data.
  • There is a power adjustable stride, with a 20-22 inch (51 – 56 centimeter) maximum stride length and the pedals are 15 inches (38 cm) long.  Maximum usable weight is rated at 400 pounds (180 kilograms) a big advantage because you know the E95 is solidly built.
  • There are two custom programs and, six standard programs and there are two heart rate programs.
  • Importantly for us amateurs there is a pulse grip on the handle bars, and a chest strap heart rate monitor (the heart rate chest strap is included) to check on heart rate.
  • Resistance or exercise impedance is achieved by Electromagnetic Controlled Braking (ECB) so this is smooth and even. There is a fan built into the frame for your comfort as well as a sound system and a water bottle holder.
  • The dimensions of the Sole Elliptical E95  are 27 x 62x 83 inches (Width x Height x length) (similarly 68 x 158 x 211 cms). The total weight of the machine is 215 pounds (97 kgs).

What do Users think of the Sole Elliptical E95?

From our own research and looking at other reports, this model of sole elliptical has been received quite favorably. When you consider that 65% of people who purchased it gave it a maximum grade, and a further 25% gave it an 80% pass rate, that means that 90% of those who bought the Sole E95 were content with their purchase.

In our experience this sort of percentage is a strong vote of confidence – it is a tough ask to satisfy everybody!Sole Elliptical e95 side view male

Most people were very happy with the “Sole” experience, and a lot of users paid the extra to get the Sole elliptical  e95 machine assembled in a room of their choice. Assembly was not difficult – 1 ½-2 hours – as long as you followed the instructions ! (c’mon boys (-:  ) Quite a few people commented on the helpful packing, with parts in labeled packets for each stage of putting it together.

S Wu of New York had this to say:

“We originally purchased the E55 in 2007, but then we gave that model to a relative and upgraded to the E95. We love the upgraded screen and rail covers and even at the additional price, we are still about a third of the cost of a Precor.

My wife and I searched and searched for an elliptical because we were fed up with signing up for gym memberships and not using them. Having to go to the gym just wasn’t practical for us. So we embarked on a quest to find the quietest, most reliable and feature packed elliptical we could find.

Our budget was 2K or less. Online research led us to many brands and many models – too many actually. It was a dizzying array of choices. So we decided to visit fitness equipment stores and sporting goods stores to try out a few ellipticals in person. The fitness stores carried mostly high-end brands like Precor, which we liked, but were all WAY out of our price range. Besides, after looking at the fine print, we noticed that Precors only come with a 1 year warranty. After that, the frame is good for 10 years but parts and labor are at the owner’s expense!…………………………”

When putting it together the wiring at the back was a bit tricky if you had “fat” fingers, but most people used rat tail pliers to do the job. Some thought the nuts, bolts and washers were a bit under engineered for the task, but found that when the Sole  elliptical e95 was put together it was very stable.

Sole Elliptical e95 side view femaleMost enjoyed the experience exercising on the Sole Elliptical E95 but tall people need to check the clearance with the ceiling, especially if you are in the basement! Shorter people may find it difficult to reach to the front console while you are exercising.

Julie Hauber said:

“ …………… The best part of this machine is how quiet it is! I also love the fact that it has adjustable peddles to help minimize toe numbness. The drink holder is slanted forward so I had to find a different water bottle (it did come with one too), but it’s easy to reach, so that’s nice. The display is easy to read and very user friendly. I’m only 5’2″ and the machine is rather large. I have to step up onto it. The arm bars are fine but I can’t use the outer handles or reach the handle incline or level adjustments. Not a big deal, I just make my adjustments on the display.”

Some heavy people were impressed with the stability of the Sole Elliptical when they were working hard on their exercise routine

So What Do We Think?

Well we were impressed with the warranty set up from Sole, especially when you investigate the warranties of some other brands, and we think this gives a positive insight into what you can expect from the company.

The Sole Elliptical e95 itself is solid and well engineered, and the design does highlight the effort the company has made to ensure the workout on the elliptical is as “pleasurable” as  possible.

A large majority of people who bought it were happy with their purchase, and although there were some critical comments, these were minor in terms of the operational effectiveness of the machine.

So we give the Sole Elliptical E95 a tick, and would say it is a good buy in helping you achieve your best fitness, especially at the current reduced price giving a 35% saving!!


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