Elliptical Machines Compared to Other Exercise Machines

Are Elliptical Machines Really Much More Effective Than Other Cardio Fitness Equipment?

 While they are not a new technology, the fact  is that elliptical machines are one of the more recent innovations in fitness equipment.

 The elliptical fitness machine helps everyone with their fitness training, but it is hugely beneficial for people who have:

  •   Weaker hip, knee and ankle joints,
  •   Knee injuries,Sole e95 elliptical
  •   Other lower leg issues,
  •   Lower back issues

People with these issues need to avoid percussive or jolting type exercise like running, so by using  elliptical machines they are able to get the kinds of high intensity cardio workouts and achieve the kind of weight loss goals offered by other fitness machines ref..

I have a dicky right knee (Cartilage problem) and find normal exercise like running etc. a bit of a strain. But with a non-percussive routine on the elliptical machine, I get my heart rate to the desired level, I can feel my muscles being worked! and I am not nervous about doing any damage! I have to add one further thing, I find this form of exercise less boring than jogging or riding a bike, and I think it is because your arms and legs are actually operating the exercise machine.

Read This:

Actually, research has shown that people working out on elliptical machines ref. actually under estimate how hard they are really working (Ref: In the study referred to, the people in the research program were questioned about their perceived level of physical output, and in most cases it appears they under estimated their output based on their heart rate).

So what you are saying is by working out on elliptical machines we get something for nothing!!

No I am not saying that…… what I am saying is that an elliptical machine workout can burn almost the same amount of calories but with less effort than a treadmill or bike.

That is pretty Kule!  lol

Yes and it’s great, and info like that is great for our fitness motivation.

Would you like some more scientific evidence to convince you?

Hey, always good to be sure!

Well 7 scientists worked on a program I will call best fitness ref.  and one of the conclusions they reached in this study was:

“….this study revealed that the elliptical cross-trainer produced greater cardiopulmonary responses when compared to the treadmill at equivalent levels of RPE (Rated Perceived Exertion). 

The RPE scale is used to measure the intensity of our exercise and goes from 1-10:  Click here on RPE to see an image of the scale and how it relates to exercise.

Got to hand it to you dude, you’ve done your home work.

Thanks, don’t want people to think I’m telling porkies.

Elliptical machines have quickly become a staple in homes, health spas, and fitness centers all over the world. More and more people are deciding against purchasing a treadmill or exercise bike and opting instead for an elliptical machine, and for good reason – some of which we are going to talk about below.

Can Elliptical Machines Reduce The Potential For Injury ?

 Cardio machines in general have been promoted all over the world by fitness experts, Hollywood celebrities, and people who are serious about their health and fitness since the day they were invented – and many of them swear by the power of machines like treadmills and exercise bikes.

 The only problem is that unless you already have some semblance of muscle tone, sound joints, and reasonable cardiovascular fitness necessary to operate these machines safely, you are always putting yourself in the position of possibly getting some strains and sprains.

 Elliptical machines, on the other hand, have been designed from the ground up to reduce the risks of high impact pressure on joints from jogging, and the damage that can occur to your joints because of this.  The range of motion that you’ll be able to enjoy from these “continuous motion”,  cardio exercising  products is impressive.Sole e95 pedals

  1. Your feet never have to leave the platform,
  2. Your feet never have to strike down with serious force on a hard surface,
  3. Your feet never have to find the exact right spot to land each and every single time.

Yes,  for something like a Sole Elliptical your feet will always be exactly where they’re supposed to be, and while you’ll still have the motion of running you’re able to reduce the pressure on your joints while at the same time increasing the strength and fitness of your muscles.

 The Ease Of Motion Of  Elliptical Machines Means That You’re Still Getting A Powerful Workout While At The Same Time Dramatically Increasing Your Endurance.

 This might be the biggest advantage elliptical machines have over other cardio machines other than the ability to eliminate the risk of injury across the board. More and more people are starting to discover the simple fact that they can work out far longer on  elliptical machines than they can on treadmills or exercise bikes.

So as well as working toward our best fitness levels we are also increasing our stamina.

This is simply because while we are exercising on  elliptical machines there are no side effects or other factors present that can hamper the duration of our workout routine, and that can also cause the damage that we talked about earlier.

 Clearly this freedom of movement can increase the rate at which we’re able to move, which in turn boosts your metabolism, which in turn helps to “remove” fat from all of its hiding spots all over our body.  So having something like this Sole E95 elliptical as your home fitness equipment will assist you to achieve the kinds of dream results you’ve been hoping for in ways that you’ve never expected.

 You’ll Never Have To Worry About Slipping,  Tripping, Falling, or Injuring Yourself When On An Elliptical Machine

You’d be surprised at the sheer volume of people who have gotten injured just by tripping over themselves, misplacing a landing foot, or just in general becoming a little bit careless about the way they act on treadmills or exercise bikes. The point is, that as you get tired during your work out routine, your coordination is not as sharp as it was when you started, so tripping becomes a possibility.

Home Use Sole e95 Elliptical

 Luckily, thanks to the engineering design behind the Sole elliptical machines – as well as the one effective way to use the device – you’ll never have to concern yourself with the above kinds of incidents with other types of exercise equipment. They just don’t happen. There’s nothing to fall off, there’s nothing to trip and stumble over, and there’s no way that you will get tangled up and end up on the floor.

Anyone – and I do mean anyone – who has had that unfortunate experience happen to them on a treadmill or exercise bike (or any cardio machine, for that matter) knows exactly what I’m talking about and how important it is to ensure that it just doesn’t happen to you.

Now, of course things can be more embarrassing if tripping or falling or straining something happens inside of a professional gym or health center, but by having your own elliptical machines inside, in the privacy and comfort of your own home, completely eliminates this.

Carrie Bebbermeyer of the St Louis University Medical Center says:

Cross-training on an elliptical machine reduces risks of over training and helps avoid injury. It also enhances muscle performance and stimulates the mind so you don’t become bored by too much repetition.”

 You Have Positive  Control Over Both The Resistance As Well As The Incline Level You’re Trying To Work Out At.

 Admittedly, treadmills and exercise bikes have been creating new and powerful technology to try and catch up with elliptical machines in this regard – but they’re still not there yet.

Sole e95 console

You literally have complete control over everything that your workout is comprised of. This will empower  you with the ability to custom tailor programs from home work out routine to home work out routine that will allow you to isolate different parts of your body: To focus on strength and endurance, or to reduce fat from your body. 

There are also other options available when using  elliptical fitness machines, that you don’t have the freedom  to  enjoy with other types of cross training fitness equipment. For example you can operate the elliptical machine in reverse. In the reverse mode we are immediately increasing the number of muscles we can exercise during the same work out routine.

So What is Our Final Verdict ?

 It is obvious that any cardio machine has amazing advantages to get you fit over not working out!  But we all have the opportunity to do our own research and pick and choose which kind of fitness equipment we are going to work with.   I have to say though, to over look the advantages that elliptical machines provide,  is a little unwise for 7 reasons:

  1. Non percussive motion is easy on the joints
  2. Safe operation, almost no risk of tripping or falling off
  3. The cross training ability of the elliptical – your arms and legs drive the machine and exercise both your upper and lower body.
  4. Capability to vary the resistance and incline (imitate Flat or Hill)
  5. Perceived exertion is lower, so more benefit for less “pain”.
  6. The ability to operate the elliptical trainer in reverse and so exercising more muscles
  7. Cheaper to run because of very small or no power requirement

 So when considering all the advantages mentioned above, and the specific needs of individuals of all ages, you’ll find that your fitness goals will be easily and safely accomplished in the comfort of your own home using an elliptical. You won’t have the jarring of using a treadmill or the restrictive exercise of the exercycle, but the smooth positive operation of a Sole elliptical fitness machine that is easy and cheap to operate.

Our Summary On the Elliptical Machines Question

 So in summary,  having looked at the elliptical machines available, balanced our own investigation with user feedback and Consumer Organization comments (Consumer Review. Org  rates  the Sole e95 in the top two elliptical fitness machines) we would honestly conclude that the Sole e95 Elliptical fitness machine has one of the best cost:benefit  ratios in the market  for meeting the fitness goals of the in home exerciser.

This Sole E95 Elliptical is solidly built, very stable, can take people up to 400 pounds (180 kilograms), has a very good warranty, and can be “tweaked” to adapt to your personal ” gait” – meaning the way you walk and run – because we are all walk and run differently!

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