Hi there,

Mike Field-Dodgson here, my name quite long and hard to pronounce so I call myself Mike FD mostly. I have been on this planet for some time now and with a background in life sciences I have a bit of experience in the lifestyle, wellness and health subjects.

I have a couple of degrees, a Master of Science in the Life Sciences field, as well as a Master of Business Administration majoring in business start up.

I have been married to Sally for 39 years. Our family consists of two daughters aged 18 and 22. Now if you do your maths you will see that we had children later than is usual,  and that’s great and it has worked for us.

Sally and I do not overly plan things, but Sally is a national dressage representative and to achieve this goal of representing New Zealand takes a lot of commitment. S0 we thought it unfair and not as enjoyable as it could be for both Sally and any child to be doing both i.e. Training hard at dressage and raising a family. I have no doubt it can be done but that was our decision: Sally reached her National Representation goals so we started a family.  From the discussion it is apparent that we are a “horsey family” and we are very fortunate to live on a farm in the countryside.

For me to say I enjoy writing and sharing knowledge is funny, because growing up it was something that I was not too keen on. They say once  scientist always a scientist, well I hope not, but I am quite good at researching a topic and getting at the truth.

Now there is quite a lot of “bumf” out there – A word my Father was keen on to identify written content that was both shallow and clumsy, making it hard to read. Now I have to say I am not hinting that all the stuff I publish is deep and is of high literary quality, but I hope you  find it easy to read and the information presented is of value.

I’m sorry if you find some of my writing seems a bit sort of dry – scientific writing has to be dry, dealing only with the the facts, so having done this for a significant period it is not an easy thing to change – but I try hard to change. Well that is my excuse and I’m clinging to it!


Mike FD