Is The Sole Elliptical E95 Good Value?

Is this Sole Elliptical E95 Good Value For Money?

Welcome to this site about the Sole Elliptical E95,  and congratulations to you. I’m guessing that by arriving here you have decided to do something for your own fitness which is just great. Fitness motivation is something to be treasured, because you’d have to say that fitness works.

To answer the question above, yes we do think it is good value, especially with $1100 taken off the usual price. To find out why – read on.

There are many ways we can get fit, and for a lot of us it is just fitness we are interested in so we can enjoy life to the full. Owning home fitness equipment, like an elliptical trainer, provides an excellent means of achieving our good health goals.Sole elliptical e95

For a start it enables us to undertake our fitness program in the privacy of where we live, which adds a huge positive for convenience:

  1. The fitness program we undertake can fit around our own schedule rather than  having a fixed time at the gym etc. where we have to fit into someone else’s schedule
  2.  No 0ngoing, associated costs is another factor because there is no need for a car trip, so no gas used and no parking to find and there is no monthly subscription charge.  The economics of investing in your own elliptical machine versus paying monthly subscription fees, which is like a rental cost,  has  real positive outcomes.
  3. The Sole Elliptical will always have a resale value.
  4. The adjustments available on the elliptical E95 mean that most anybody can use it, so people can achieve fitness together – like, say for American family fitness!

The Sole Elliptical e95 Or Other Exercise Machines?

What is the best exercise machine for you? The choice of elliptical trainers depends on a lot of a factors and I guess it comes down to choosing between elliptical machines, treadmills or indoor exercycles, maybe even rowing machines – because all these involve dynamic motion and can be used at home.

Of the three I think the ellipticals have the advantage:

  1. They eliminate the *percussive nature of running but still get you running fit. *What I mean by percussive is the jarring that our joints have to absorb when we run on  a hard surface.
  2.  Both legs are exercised separately, and they allow us to actually work our arms so that we really are giving our bodies a good work out routine and exercising more of our muscles during one session than the other pieces of exercise equipment.
  3. The ability to exercise more leg muscles by operating the Sole Elliptical in reverse.
  4. Ellipticals use minimal or no power compared to  treadmills.

Why Did we Choose The Sole Elliptical e95?

Naturally we looked around the elliptical market to see what was available. Through a process of elimination based on factors discussed on this site we decided on the  Sole Fitness brand and the E95 Elliptical as a very popular, versatile fitness machine.

  1. Sole is a very reputable company specializing in fitness equipment. Sole’s customer service ethic is up there with the best and it’s warranties may be the best period.
  2. All Sole equipment is designed and built with attention to detail and the finished product is effective and reliable.
  3. The E95 elliptical machine is capable of serving a large number of people because of its pricing and capabilities, for example, it’s maximum weight load for exercising is 400lbs.
  4. It is much liked by Consumer Organizations.

Now I have to say there is a fair bit of “jargon” used by the fitness industry to describe the action of the elliptical trainer and you will see words like Biomechanics and Ergonomics. As well, there will be phrases like “Plantar flexion” and “Erector Spinae Rotation” or “Ulnar Deviation”.

Home Use Sole Elliptical e95

So it is refreshing to find the people at SOLE to be pretty down to earth when it comes to the terminology they use (a good sign), because you shouldn’t need an in depth understanding of orthopedics ( the study of spine and joints) to do your research when buying a relatively simple piece of exercise equipment.

The words Biomechanics and Ergonomics are relevant, however, because they relate to the design of the elliptical trainer.

– Biomechanics is the study of how our bodies move.

– Ergonomics in this case is the study of how to design a machine that mimics our body’s movement so that when we use it; It is comfortable and non stressful to our joints etc.

So using these terms in relation to an Elliptical Trainer like the Sole Elliptical e95, means it should have:

  1. A smooth, continuous foot motion.
  2. Foot motion should describe an ellipse pattern (flattened circle) because this is the path our foot takes when walking and running normally.
  3. It needs to be very stable.
  4. Must operate on a level base because Ellipticals need to accurately simulate how you would run, so there should be no resistive tensions building up while you exercise.  For example, I’ve heard that at the end of a home work out routine some ellipticals cause ankle stress and/or toe numbness because the foot angle is wrong.

Who is This Company Called Sole?

The company Sole, has been involved in designing and building fitness equipment to get you fit for decades and the brand SOLE is well known and respected worldwide – hence the term Sole Fitness.

Sole’s products are currently distributed in 22 major countries throughout the world, and one of its initiatives was to form partnerships with hotels to put Sole fitness equipment into the gym areas for hotels.


Sole Fitness Logo


The company has focused it’s energy on the elliptical, treadmill and exercise bike and in this way has been able to focus quite well on the three products, which means its product development appears to have been logical and fast.

Sole say they are the fastest growing brand in this industry for USA and Canada, and Sole fitness has been the front runner for the past five years.

One area where they say they are a bit “old fashioned”  is in customer service and they offer a 30 day money back guarantee freight paid, with an 8% restocking fee. The  warranties are pretty generous. For example, with the Sloe Elliptical e95, there is a lifetime warranty on the frame, five years each for the electronics and parts, and labor is free for two years.

Sole must be doing something right because their Elliptical trainers made the top list of best Elliptical Machines as voted by who said:

Sole Fitness elliptical machines are built to last. You can expect a quiet and smooth ride, along with a durable machine that is ideal for a great workout. These are heavy duty elliptical machines with nice features and a value price. If you are in the market for a quality elliptical machine you should consider Sole Fitness.” TopConsumer August 27 2015

There are three delivery options available, all 2-4 day delivery:

  •  To your house is free
  • Moved to the room of your choice with the box and all other packaging removed costs $99.
  • Moved to the room of your choice, assembled and all packaging material removed costs $239.

This is a Biggy in our view: Naturally we all look for the best deal, but unfortunately some of us base our idea of the best deal only on price – sorry I have to say it but we think this is very unwise. In today’s “multi-optioned” market it is wise to look closely at the whole picture especially at the manufacturer. Because if you do you will get free shipping, the full warranty options, the manufacturers support and you know you are getting a brand new item.

 Brief Specifications of the Sole Elliptical E95

Click Here for a more detailed description

  • The settings on the Sole Elliptical E95 provide for a wide range of workout intensity from a slow walk up to a challenging aerobic cardiac workout.
  • A large, 9 inch, blue, backlit LCD display helps you track your training data.
  • There is a power adjustable stride, with a 20-22 inch (51 – 56 centimeter) maximum stride length and the pedals are 15 inches (38 cm) long.  Maximum usable weight is rated at 400 pounds (180 kilograms) a big advantage because you know the E95 is solidly built.
  • There are two custom programs and, six standard programs and there are two heart rate programs.
  • Importantly for us amateurs there is a pulse grip on the handle bars, and a chest strap heart rate monitor (the heart rate chest strap is included) to check on heart rate.
  • Resistance or exercise impedance is achieved by Electromagnetic Controlled Braking (ECB) so this is smooth and even. There is a fan built into the frame for your comfort as well as a sound system and a water bottle holder.
  • The dimensions of the Sole Elliptical E95  are 27 x 62x 83 inches (Width x Height x length) (similarly 68 x 158 x 211 cms). The total weight of the machine is 215 pounds (97 kgs).

What do Users think of the Sole Elliptical E95?

From our own research and looking at other reports, this model of sole elliptical has been received quite favorably. When you consider that 65% of people who purchased it gave it a maximum grade, and a further 25% gave it an 80% pass rate, that means that 90% of those who bought the Sole E95 were content with their purchase.

In our experience this sort of percentage is a strong vote of confidence – it is a tough ask to satisfy everybody!Sole Elliptical e95 side view male

Most people were very happy with the “Sole” experience, and a lot of users paid the extra to get the Sole elliptical  e95 machine assembled in a room of their choice. Assembly was not difficult – 1 ½-2 hours – as long as you followed the instructions ! (c’mon boys (-:  ) Quite a few people commented on the helpful packing, with parts in labeled packets for each stage of putting it together.

S Wu of New York had this to say:

“We originally purchased the E55 in 2007, but then we gave that model to a relative and upgraded to the E95. We love the upgraded screen and rail covers and even at the additional price, we are still about a third of the cost of a Precor.

My wife and I searched and searched for an elliptical because we were fed up with signing up for gym memberships and not using them. Having to go to the gym just wasn’t practical for us. So we embarked on a quest to find the quietest, most reliable and feature packed elliptical we could find.

Our budget was 2K or less. Online research led us to many brands and many models – too many actually. It was a dizzying array of choices. So we decided to visit fitness equipment stores and sporting goods stores to try out a few ellipticals in person. The fitness stores carried mostly high-end brands like Precor, which we liked, but were all WAY out of our price range. Besides, after looking at the fine print, we noticed that Precors only come with a 1 year warranty. After that, the frame is good for 10 years but parts and labor are at the owner’s expense!…………………………”

When putting it together the wiring at the back was a bit tricky if you had “fat” fingers, but most people used rat tail pliers to do the job. Some thought the nuts, bolts and washers were a bit under engineered for the task, but found that when the Sole  elliptical e95 was put together it was very stable.

Sole Elliptical e95 side view femaleMost enjoyed the experience exercising on the Sole Elliptical E95 but tall people need to check the clearance with the ceiling, especially if you are in the basement! Shorter people may find it difficult to reach to the front console while you are exercising.

Julie Hauber said:

“ …………… The best part of this machine is how quiet it is! I also love the fact that it has adjustable peddles to help minimize toe numbness. The drink holder is slanted forward so I had to find a different water bottle (it did come with one too), but it’s easy to reach, so that’s nice. The display is easy to read and very user friendly. I’m only 5’2″ and the machine is rather large. I have to step up onto it. The arm bars are fine but I can’t use the outer handles or reach the handle incline or level adjustments. Not a big deal, I just make my adjustments on the display.”

Some heavy people were impressed with the stability of the Sole Elliptical when they were working hard on their exercise routine

So What Do We Think?

Well we were impressed with the warranty set up from Sole, especially when you investigate the warranties of some other brands, and we think this gives a positive insight into what you can expect from the company.

The Sole Elliptical e95 itself is solid and well engineered, and the design does highlight the effort the company has made to ensure the workout on the elliptical is as “pleasurable” as  possible.

A large majority of people who bought it were happy with their purchase, and although there were some critical comments, these were minor in terms of the operational effectiveness of the machine.

So we give the Sole Elliptical E95 a tick, and would say it is a good buy in helping you achieve your best fitness, especially at the current reduced price giving a 35% saving!!


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Elliptical Machines Compared to Other Exercise Machines

Are Elliptical Machines Really Much More Effective Than Other Cardio Fitness Equipment?

 While they are not a new technology, the fact  is that elliptical machines are one of the more recent innovations in fitness equipment.

 The elliptical fitness machine helps everyone with their fitness training, but it is hugely beneficial for people who have:

  •   Weaker hip, knee and ankle joints,
  •   Knee injuries,Sole e95 elliptical
  •   Other lower leg issues,
  •   Lower back issues

People with these issues need to avoid percussive or jolting type exercise like running, so by using  elliptical machines they are able to get the kinds of high intensity cardio workouts and achieve the kind of weight loss goals offered by other fitness machines ref..

I have a dicky right knee (Cartilage problem) and find normal exercise like running etc. a bit of a strain. But with a non-percussive routine on the elliptical machine, I get my heart rate to the desired level, I can feel my muscles being worked! and I am not nervous about doing any damage! I have to add one further thing, I find this form of exercise less boring than jogging or riding a bike, and I think it is because your arms and legs are actually operating the exercise machine.

Read This:

Actually, research has shown that people working out on elliptical machines ref. actually under estimate how hard they are really working (Ref: In the study referred to, the people in the research program were questioned about their perceived level of physical output, and in most cases it appears they under estimated their output based on their heart rate).

So what you are saying is by working out on elliptical machines we get something for nothing!!

No I am not saying that…… what I am saying is that an elliptical machine workout can burn almost the same amount of calories but with less effort than a treadmill or bike.

That is pretty Kule!  lol

Yes and it’s great, and info like that is great for our fitness motivation.

Would you like some more scientific evidence to convince you?

Hey, always good to be sure!

Well 7 scientists worked on a program I will call best fitness ref.  and one of the conclusions they reached in this study was:

“….this study revealed that the elliptical cross-trainer produced greater cardiopulmonary responses when compared to the treadmill at equivalent levels of RPE (Rated Perceived Exertion). 

The RPE scale is used to measure the intensity of our exercise and goes from 1-10:  Click here on RPE to see an image of the scale and how it relates to exercise.

Got to hand it to you dude, you’ve done your home work.

Thanks, don’t want people to think I’m telling porkies.

Elliptical machines have quickly become a staple in homes, health spas, and fitness centers all over the world. More and more people are deciding against purchasing a treadmill or exercise bike and opting instead for an elliptical machine, and for good reason – some of which we are going to talk about below.

Can Elliptical Machines Reduce The Potential For Injury ?

 Cardio machines in general have been promoted all over the world by fitness experts, Hollywood celebrities, and people who are serious about their health and fitness since the day they were invented – and many of them swear by the power of machines like treadmills and exercise bikes.

 The only problem is that unless you already have some semblance of muscle tone, sound joints, and reasonable cardiovascular fitness necessary to operate these machines safely, you are always putting yourself in the position of possibly getting some strains and sprains.

 Elliptical machines, on the other hand, have been designed from the ground up to reduce the risks of high impact pressure on joints from jogging, and the damage that can occur to your joints because of this.  The range of motion that you’ll be able to enjoy from these “continuous motion”,  cardio exercising  products is impressive.Sole e95 pedals

  1. Your feet never have to leave the platform,
  2. Your feet never have to strike down with serious force on a hard surface,
  3. Your feet never have to find the exact right spot to land each and every single time.

Yes,  for something like a Sole Elliptical your feet will always be exactly where they’re supposed to be, and while you’ll still have the motion of running you’re able to reduce the pressure on your joints while at the same time increasing the strength and fitness of your muscles.

 The Ease Of Motion Of  Elliptical Machines Means That You’re Still Getting A Powerful Workout While At The Same Time Dramatically Increasing Your Endurance.

 This might be the biggest advantage elliptical machines have over other cardio machines other than the ability to eliminate the risk of injury across the board. More and more people are starting to discover the simple fact that they can work out far longer on  elliptical machines than they can on treadmills or exercise bikes.

So as well as working toward our best fitness levels we are also increasing our stamina.

This is simply because while we are exercising on  elliptical machines there are no side effects or other factors present that can hamper the duration of our workout routine, and that can also cause the damage that we talked about earlier.

 Clearly this freedom of movement can increase the rate at which we’re able to move, which in turn boosts your metabolism, which in turn helps to “remove” fat from all of its hiding spots all over our body.  So having something like this Sole E95 elliptical as your home fitness equipment will assist you to achieve the kinds of dream results you’ve been hoping for in ways that you’ve never expected.

 You’ll Never Have To Worry About Slipping,  Tripping, Falling, or Injuring Yourself When On An Elliptical Machine

You’d be surprised at the sheer volume of people who have gotten injured just by tripping over themselves, misplacing a landing foot, or just in general becoming a little bit careless about the way they act on treadmills or exercise bikes. The point is, that as you get tired during your work out routine, your coordination is not as sharp as it was when you started, so tripping becomes a possibility.

Home Use Sole e95 Elliptical

 Luckily, thanks to the engineering design behind the Sole elliptical machines – as well as the one effective way to use the device – you’ll never have to concern yourself with the above kinds of incidents with other types of exercise equipment. They just don’t happen. There’s nothing to fall off, there’s nothing to trip and stumble over, and there’s no way that you will get tangled up and end up on the floor.

Anyone – and I do mean anyone – who has had that unfortunate experience happen to them on a treadmill or exercise bike (or any cardio machine, for that matter) knows exactly what I’m talking about and how important it is to ensure that it just doesn’t happen to you.

Now, of course things can be more embarrassing if tripping or falling or straining something happens inside of a professional gym or health center, but by having your own elliptical machines inside, in the privacy and comfort of your own home, completely eliminates this.

Carrie Bebbermeyer of the St Louis University Medical Center says:

Cross-training on an elliptical machine reduces risks of over training and helps avoid injury. It also enhances muscle performance and stimulates the mind so you don’t become bored by too much repetition.”

 You Have Positive  Control Over Both The Resistance As Well As The Incline Level You’re Trying To Work Out At.

 Admittedly, treadmills and exercise bikes have been creating new and powerful technology to try and catch up with elliptical machines in this regard – but they’re still not there yet.

Sole e95 console

You literally have complete control over everything that your workout is comprised of. This will empower  you with the ability to custom tailor programs from home work out routine to home work out routine that will allow you to isolate different parts of your body: To focus on strength and endurance, or to reduce fat from your body. 

There are also other options available when using  elliptical fitness machines, that you don’t have the freedom  to  enjoy with other types of cross training fitness equipment. For example you can operate the elliptical machine in reverse. In the reverse mode we are immediately increasing the number of muscles we can exercise during the same work out routine.

So What is Our Final Verdict ?

 It is obvious that any cardio machine has amazing advantages to get you fit over not working out!  But we all have the opportunity to do our own research and pick and choose which kind of fitness equipment we are going to work with.   I have to say though, to over look the advantages that elliptical machines provide,  is a little unwise for 7 reasons:

  1. Non percussive motion is easy on the joints
  2. Safe operation, almost no risk of tripping or falling off
  3. The cross training ability of the elliptical – your arms and legs drive the machine and exercise both your upper and lower body.
  4. Capability to vary the resistance and incline (imitate Flat or Hill)
  5. Perceived exertion is lower, so more benefit for less “pain”.
  6. The ability to operate the elliptical trainer in reverse and so exercising more muscles
  7. Cheaper to run because of very small or no power requirement

 So when considering all the advantages mentioned above, and the specific needs of individuals of all ages, you’ll find that your fitness goals will be easily and safely accomplished in the comfort of your own home using an elliptical. You won’t have the jarring of using a treadmill or the restrictive exercise of the exercycle, but the smooth positive operation of a Sole elliptical fitness machine that is easy and cheap to operate.

Our Summary On the Elliptical Machines Question

 So in summary,  having looked at the elliptical machines available, balanced our own investigation with user feedback and Consumer Organization comments (Consumer Review. Org  rates  the Sole e95 in the top two elliptical fitness machines) we would honestly conclude that the Sole e95 Elliptical fitness machine has one of the best cost:benefit  ratios in the market  for meeting the fitness goals of the in home exerciser.

This Sole E95 Elliptical is solidly built, very stable, can take people up to 400 pounds (180 kilograms), has a very good warranty, and can be “tweaked” to adapt to your personal ” gait” – meaning the way you walk and run – because we are all walk and run differently!

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Sole Elliptical For Home Fitness Equipment

Sole Elliptical For Home Fitness Equipment

Sole Elliptical + Your Home  = World Class Work Out

Sole Elliptical in your home give you a high spec’d gymnasium like those around the world that have access to amazing fitness tools and technologies.  There is a fitness evolution, however, and today the “getting fit landscape” has changed considerably.

A lot of companies are developing and building exercise machines that are ideal as home fitness equipment, the Sole Elliptical are an example. These companies are doing so with the “Do It Yourself (DIY)” or the in home market in mind. This market has been growing rapidly over the last decade.

This change means that almost anyone can invest in commercial grade fitness equipment. The kinds of tools and technologies that help to train the most elite athletes, Hollywood celebrities, and fitness professionals all over the world, are available to us without ever having to break the bank. You can create your own home gym that will get you fit and keep you fit like any health club in your local area, giving you uninterrupted access to exercise and the ability to work out whenever you feel like it – and in private.

Design Your Own Personal Exercise Program

Probably the biggest reason that you’re going to want to consider investing in building your own home gym rather than sign up for a membership at a local fitness center or health spa, is simply the fact that you can pick and choose exactly what kind of equipment and investment you’re willing to make. For example, of the Sole Elliptical on offer the   Sole E95 Elliptical  will suit your needs and will help you with your fitness goals, then you are free to purchase it. You don’t have to put up with, or pay a subscription to use equipment that doesn’t quite fit your style!

Home Use Sole Elliptical
 Fitness centers all over the world are forced to buy the most expensive equipment out there – and lots of it – in an effort to compete and try to cater for everyone’s needs and desires. Not only does this cost a significant amount of money for them (costs that are passed along to you in the form of higher membership fees) but you’ll most probably also have to deal with the hassle of waiting in line if anyone else wants to use the specific equipment you’re hoping to exercise on.

Hey nothing worse than having a routine that is interrupted because the fitness equipment you need to use for your next exercise is being used by others. In my (past) experience this dented my fitness motivation. I mean it certainly takes motivation to go to the Gym in the first place, and if everything is not as you expect it to be then it is a downer!

Everyone knows that once your routine has been messed with it becomes very difficult to focus, making it almost impossible to get the exact same kind of performance out of yourself that you had been expecting. When you have one of your own Sole Elliptical, however, this will never be a problem, because you’ll always have instant access to the fitness equipment that you invested in, you can adjust the machine to your personal requirements so that you can get the results you’re looking for.

Best Sole Elliptical Fitness In Complete And Total Privacy

Another of the major benefits you’ll be able to enjoy right away is simply the fact that you will never have to wonder about the looks, stares, and glances that all of your fellow gym goers can give you – especially if you’re in a fat loss transformation and just aren’t 100% comfortable in your own skin.

Walking into a gym without any real experience and being a little bit overweight or unfit can be one of the more frustrating, and anxiety filled experiences that nobody should ever have to go through. You don’t want anything to even by chance throw you off your game, but with all of the mirrors and some incredibly slim and fit bodies all around you, it can become quite intimidating!

Crowded Gym Exercise

Luckily, this is not an issue you’ll ever have to deal with when you have your own home gym or have a Sole Elliptical at your home that you can use – simply because the only people who will be invited into your personal gym are folks that you are 100% comfortable with and improve your fitness together.

Buying An Elliptical Machine Rather Than Subscribing Or Renting

This is probably one of the more important benefits of having a home gym, and one that many overlook. Sure, you’ll definitely have to spend considerably more money up front to outfit your new home gym with something like the Sole E95 elliptical, but it is a one off cost, and you have invested in an asset that will always have a good residual value.  Having your own Sole elliptical machine means that in the long term  your costs are reduced because you won’t have the recurring cost of health club memberships or the extra costs in time and money that you would pay traveling to and from the gym. Let’s face it, unless you have a job that involves regular physical exertion, the fitness gig is a bit of merry go round. To get you fit and to stay fit there is a need for a longish term commitment, (-: so paying money to a gym becomes an escalating cost.

Money in house


OK, the picture may be a bit over the top as far as savings go! But you will save money in the long run by having your own Sole Elliptical fitness equipment.

This is especially true if we are not 100% sure we’re going to be a regular member at a gym where we may never have been before.  There is one thing which is a common occurrence – our “but’s” get in the way of our best fitness efforts – “But I need to get my hair done”; “But it is raining”; “But I have to get my hair cut”; “But …..” Fitness motivation can be a fragile thing! We miss sessions at the gym and eventually we give up and waste our subscription – it happens more  often than we might expect.

It’s far better to spend the money on quality equipment like the Sole Elliptical that are well designed and work well and that you’ll have personal access to whenever you want. This is the kind of equipment that you know will help you accomplish your general health and fitness goals. Let’s face it – if we are going to be honest – it takes a lot more commitment, and more money in the long run, to attend a gym on a regular basis, compared to a fitness work out that you can develop in your own home.

Hey –  even having the equipment at home I can always find an excuse not to exercise!

Yes that is true, but you’d have to agree that there are less negative things to stop you exercising at home than there are when you consider all the hassles of getting to a gym….


OK, so the home workout versus the gym subscription for just fitness means there are more  costs with a gym membership beside the subscription – like costs for transport, travel time and parking etc. Hey and what about convenience and time saving!

So What have We Just Said?

There are a number of really significant benefits to outfitting your own space in your home with a Sole elliptical, that is adjusted to suit your particular physique, so you can achieve best fitness.

  1. No ongoing Subscriptions.
  2. No appointments required.
  3. No transport, travel  or parking costs – both in money and time.
  4. Convenient and Hassle free.
  5. Focused on you.
  6. Private

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The Sole e95 – Best Fitness?

The Sole E95 – Best Fitness?

Is It the Best Of Home Fitness Equipment?

The Sole e95 can be categorized as a mid to high end elliptical from Sole Fitness, ideal as an item home fitness equipment. The review model is an update from 2013 model,  so is the late 2014 version. Having looked it over, the 2014 Sole e95 elliptical does add significantly to the Sole elliptical range of machines. In fact, judging by it’s current discounted price and recognized quality in design and finish, this model could be considered the best model for American family fitness, or any family’s best fitness.

Why do you say that?

Take a moment and read what follows please, all will be revealed.


Is The Console Easy to use?

Some reviewers say that this is the best console that Sole have on their elliptical trainers.  This Sole e95 has a large, bright, 9 inch (23 centimeter) blue back lit LCD screen that looks a bit like a vehicle speedometer because it has three dials as well as other displays showing incline,time interval, equivalent distance, difficulty level and other information including pulse or heart rate.

The buttons below the screen are large and clearly marked.

We think this does make a difference, believe it or not, because once you get used to what the information is you are looking at, it becomes a sort of fitness motivation tool. It can assist you with your fitness or weight loss goal setting.

Sole e95 console

The start and stop buttons are the ones closest to you which is a help. The other buttons are clearly labeled so there is no confusion. The buttons will be easy to change for most people while exercising, but people who are short in stature may have a problem reaching some of the buttons while exercising, and may have to set their preferred buttons at the start of their workout routine. But one nice touch on his machine, is the addition of built in thumb controls on the handle bars.

We think this console is up there with the best – well laid out and intuitive to operate.

Not Too Sure About The Workout Programs?

Some may say that the programming on the Sole Fitness e95 elliptical is below par because of the reduced number of options available.  Those of you who prefer to manually set your program this will not be an issue.

The Sole E95 Elliptical has 10 programs. How many programs we need is of course personal preference. We know that other brands of elliptical have more programs, but we have a sneaking suspicion that the number of programs is not really a make or break factor here. Hey we could be wrong here – just our opinion!

So if you want more programs on your elliptical, the Sole e95 may not be for you.

Sole E95 side view female

OK , so basically the program set up is:

  •  Six preset programs,
  •  Two custom programs
  •  Two programs for heart rate.

So with this combination you do have a choice that will enable you to have a good workout and so help you achieve your fitness goals.

If there is no program that does what you want, then there are the two custom programs for you to work with.  These two programs are important because they provide for greater flexibility with your personal programming, and reduce the need for heaps more programs.

Some may disagree, but we think the heart rate programs are good to see on an elliptical trainer. Heart rate is such an intricate part of any fitness routine, that it is a must to have them included. I always like to see the heart rate programs available as they really do assist with your programs to get you fit.

You can get the information for your pulse rate from the handles or the supplied heart sensor.

What are the General Features of this Fitness Machine?

Sole e95 flywheelThe drive system of this Sole E95 is quiet – the motion is natural and fluid at all aspects in both forward and reverse.

With a heavy 29 pound (13 kg) aluminum fly wheel that provides excellent momentum, which is coupled to a well thought out gear ratio, gives this elliptical machine a very smooth feel. Running resistance, or the exercise impedance is achieved by an Electromagnetically Controlled Braking system (ECB) which again adds to the smooth feel and allows for very even and gradual adjustments you may want to make while exercising.

Quite a few brands of elliptical fitness machines use a light flywheel or don’t have one. This means there is limited or no energy transfer/storage that a substantial flywheel can provide, so the smoothness of operation is limited because of this and there is more reliance on the breaking system to control the Sole E95’s motion.

Importantly, for us amateurs, there is a pulse grip on the handle bars of the Sole E95, as well as a chest strap heart rate monitor (the heart rate chest strap is included) to check on heart rate during our elliptical training. This is pretty significant,  especially for those people who may be just starting their fitness works and need to make sure they don’t overdo their heart beat rate during their fitness works.

As well, there is a cooling fan (for the exerciser!)  built into the head of the console. Included also is a audio system we can link up to and a water bottle holder.

The power incline is a useful feature thought up by Sole Fitness. You can easily change the ramp angle from a level position to a 30 degree incline smoothly.  With this option you can imitate going uphill and so get the lower body muscles running fit. So by combining the incline adjustment with the resistance settings, a workout routine can be planned that goes from warm up to a challenging aerobic/cardiac work out to test your best fitness. These two settings, the incline and the resistance, allow for a lot of flexibility to get you fit whether you are starting a just fitness program or are running fit.

One positive feature we like on the Sole e95 elliptical is the ability to operate the machine in both a forward and backward motion. This feature is not always available on elliptical fitness equipment and it is an important one because it allows you to balance your workout by working as many muscle groups as you can in one workout routine.


Sole e95

        Multi Hand Positions

For example, you will find that by going backwards, if you have not been in the habit of doing this, will cause some muscles to become a bit tender or sore, and as long this part of your exercise is not over done, this is a good thing because it shows different muscles are being worked! Operating it backwards also increases your “puff” – you will find that running in a backward motion, which is like pulling something along, certainly increases the fitness of the quadricep muscles in your upper leg as well as your lower calf muscles and the old lungs!

We have already discussed (Click Here) in another post the importance of  having biomechanical and ergonomic design principles built into an elliptical. The Sole elliptical design has the adjustable elements that allow you to personalize your foot angle. You do not see this in other elliptical machines. As well as angle adjustment for the foot, the pedal is at a two degree slope. This allows us to modify the pedal angle to suit our particular gait – or the way we move because we are all different.

These adjustments for the pedals are quite easy to do in that you just “dial up” the pedals to suit the shape and angle of your feet – we think this is a big advantage for Sole fitness because it allows you to adjust things much closer to your natural movement and so the stresses on joints etc. during your workout routine  are minimized, if not removed completely.

One other important design feature of the Sole series of ellipticals is the foot pedals are positioned close together,  further enhancing the natural way we run with our feet close together and so removing any chance of stressing ankle knee or hip. The design of some other elliptical brands means there is some separation in the foot pedals so the natural running posture is compromised and more unnatural sideways movement is required.

The combination of all these features on the Sole Ellipticals  is great for reducing stress on the hips, knees, ankles, and toes – the latter is important because pressure and numbness in our pinkies can be a problem if the design of the foot pedals is not flexible enough.

So the above design features of the Sole e95  are thought to minimize the “numb toe” problem as well as the over-stretching of the Achillies Tendons.

The pedals are 15 inches  (38 cm) long and the  design of the pedals was undertaken with input from physical therapists.

Sole e95 rear rollersIf you look at the pictures of the Sole e95, the rear support for the movement is by way of four large wheels with metal bearings. on four heavy duty tracks or rails.  This design feature is the reason for the “true” direction of the movement when exercising on the elliptical.  Your legs, and more importantly your feet, follow a natural, well aligned path.

As well, this sturdy wheel/track  feature increases stability, especially when heavy people are using it.  One big advantage of this Sole fitness machine is that the maximum user weight is 400 pounds (181 kilograms) and this is the heaviest we have seen for any elliptical  trainers and at the current price of $1699, this is a pretty impressive performance rating.

This impressive weight capacity is because of the rails and heavy duty solid frame of the Sole  elliptical, and while these features do increase the price, they also increase the safety of the machine and it is these design features that will  allow your elliptical to last longer.

The handles are designed so there is the ability for multiple hand positions when using the exercise machine.

The dimensions of the Sole e95 are 27 x 62x 83 inches (Width x Height x Depth) (similarly 68 x 158 x 211 cms). The total weight of the machine is 215 pounds (97 kgs).

For a tall person it will pay to measure clearance to the ceiling for where you intend to set it up – especially if you have set up your machine in the basement and there are beams present!  🙄

What About the Warranty?

The warranty set up for the Sole E95 and Sole equipment in general is one of the best we have seen with a five year warranty for the electrics and parts and lifetime for the frame. The one thing that did impress us was the two year labor warranty.

There is also a 30 day return policy, freight paid, with an 8% restocking fee.

So this is a statement by Sole Fitness that they are standing behind their Sole Elliptical.


What Is Our Rating of the Sole E 95 Elliptical

So as part of this Sole e95 elliptical review we would give it almost top marks. The only thing against it is the limited number of programs available. But really, taking all other positive attributes into consideration, and considering that the programming thing is personal preference, in our experience the Sole e95 has an adequate range of programming options to provide a good series of workout routines to get you fit.

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What is Sole Fitness?

What is Sole Fitness?

Sole Fitness relates to the company’s long established tradition of designing and manufacturing aids for getting fit – it has nothing to do with the bottoms of our feet 0r the health of a fish 😆 .

Aerobic vs Anaerobic Fitness Training. 

Getting fit can involve the two terms Aerobic and Anaerobic and they relate to the process the body performs which we call respiration.  Breathing (inhaling air, exhaling Carbon dioxide) is very closely related to them. The terms Aerobic [air-roh-bik] – means with oxygen, and Anaerobic – means without oxygen, are mentioned in fitness circles but what is written sometimes makes it clear that the writer does not really know what they mean or what the difference between them is.

Aren’t we getting a little technical here my friend??

Well yes, but it is all about what is happening to your body when you exercise. If it’s not your scene just click on the link below the photograph (-:

Sole Fitness e95 elliptical
Click Here For Sole Elliptical Fitness

So without getting toooo technical, let’s show you how Aerobic and Anaerobic respiration are different and how they relate to getting us to our best fitness levels, before we relate them to exercising on an elliptical machine.

Sole Fitness with Aerobic Respiration.

It is a well known scientific fact that to exercise our bodies we need to mobilize the energy resources we have stored in our body’s so our muscles can work.  Body Fat is our primary energy source, also known as adipose tissue. Glycogen is the secondary source of our body’s energy, or if you like our body’s fuel.

Now oxygen is required for the process used to mobilize the fat and the process is broadly referred to as aerobic respiration. When there is enough oxygen available for this process, all is well and aerobic respiration proceeds. The waste products of this energy usage are Carbon Dioxide and Water (CO2 and H2O), and these are easily expelled from our bodies  – this is what we exhale or breathe out.

What Happens When We Exercise on our Sole Fitness e95 Elliptical Machine

When we jump on our home fitness equipment like the Sole e95 Elliptical machine and start going through our fitness program, all is good at first and we are quite comfortable, but as we proceed we start to sweat, we start to breath harder, our heart rate increases and basically we start to make our body’s and our muscles “work”.

What is happening is more and more energy is required by our body to allow our muscles to perform the exercise that we are undertaking. This means more fat is mobilized which requires more oxygen, so we breath harder to supply the oxygen required – make sense ?.

[As an aside you can appreciate what is happening here: fat is being converted to energy so is being used up, the heart has to work harder to get the blood containing the oxygen to cells, so in the process we are losing weight, exercising our bodies, increasing our fitness level and starting to add some more muscle – all good stuff!]

Now if we really get stuck into our Sole fitness exercise routine, and we increase the incline and resistance on the elliptical machine, more and more energy is required, so more and more oxygen is required, so we breath harder and harder. We are on our way to getting me and you fit.

At some stage our muscles require more oxygen for energy conversion than we can be delivered to the cells. When this happens our clever bodies start to respire anaerobically – you’ll remember this is called Anaerobic Respiration because oxygen is not used in this process.  The stage or time when anaerobic respiration kicks in depends on how fit our muscles (we) are.

For a marathon runner it would take a lot longer to get to the anaerobic part than for a person who may be just starting out on a get fit program.

Anaerobic respiration can be a characteristic of activities like weight lifting, resistance training, high intensity interval training and most athletic events like marathons that require best fitness.

The table below shows the percentage of effort and the relationship between Aerobic and Anaerobic respiration and age.  Along the top of the chart is the age and down the side in heart beats per minute is the capacity of the heart. So if we look at the chart, we can see that at 80% of effort we move into the anaerobic phase.

We can also see that the the average, safe maximum heart rate for a 20 year old is 160. In contrast the average safe heart rate for a 70 year old is 120. Remember these figures are just averages and will depend on the level of fitness of the individual – whether the individual is running fit or started into just fitness.


Aerobic and Anaerobic Sole Fitness


So What Happens With Anaerobic Respiration?

To carry out the high work load that is required of the muscles, the energy demands of the muscles exceeds the oxygen quantity that is available to help create the energy. But to maintain the high energy levels required, the body still needs to mobilize fat or glycogen, so how does it do this?

The body uses a different pathway that doesn’t use oxygen, and so instead of the waste being CO2 and water, the body produces something called Lactic acid. Lactic acid is harder to get rid of than CO2 and H2O and takes longer. So with Anaerobic respiration we build up what is referred to as an “oxygen debt” – which is equivalent the amount of lactic acid present in our muscles, that at some stage our body needs to get rid of because lactic acid can be damaging to our muscles.

If the intensity of our workout is not managed, and the anaerobic respiration continues, lactic acid continues to accumulate in our body and we expose ourselves to the risk of extreme fatigue to the extent that we can damage our muscle tissue – definitely not a good place to be!

So if we are unfit and we take on too much exercise too quickly we will not be on the road to best fitness, but the one of fatigue and muscle damage

This is where athletes like long distance runners,  or those whose events take a long time to complete and that are physically demanding, have to manage things very carefully. Too much lactic acid build up too early in the race can be disastrous because the lactic acid is not easy to breakdown, and too much lactic acid in the blood stream and muscle can lead to muscle damage as well as other bad side effects.

What Is “Oxygen Debt” on your Sole Fitness Elliptical?

I mentioned “Oxygen Debt”. For a large oxygen debt the medical term is Acidosis when we have too much lactic acid in our system.

So as in life we need to pay off our financial debt, so after exercise we need to pay off this oxygen debt and this is done by significantly reduced activity or resting. During this period of rest or much reduced activity, there is an increase in oxygen that is available to our cells so our bodies can break down the lactic acid and it is passed out of our bodies in our pee.

Phew!! That was heavy stuff man! But I guess I did learn something.

Yes, sorry about that, but I’m glad you did learn something, our bodies are pretty incredible eh!

What Are The Benefits of Aerobic Exercise?

  • Weight Loss because it “burns” fat
  • Improve effectiveness of cardio-vascular system (heart and blood circulation)
  • Boost immune system
  • Improve muscle tone
  • Reduce risks associated with heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke.
  • Improve bone density and joint flexibilitySole Fitness, cardio fitness

 What Are The Benefits of Anaerobic Exercise ?

  • All of the above Plus:
  • Builds muscle
  • Increases bone density
  • Reduces body fat
  • Increase metabolic rate

What Does All This Mean for our Sole Fitness Elliptical Training ?

So obviously entering into the area of anaerobic respiration you are at the “far end” of the respiration phase, so it will occur at the end of a hard workout on your elliptical and get you fit.

In general terms, most of us would be operating in the realms of the aerobic phase, perhaps some anaerobic , although this will depend on our level of fitness.

My personal opinion is that a good aerobic workout is all that you will need. I mean the body doesn’t suddenly go from aerobic respiration to anaerobic respiration, there is a gradual change from one to the other. So after an elliptical machine workout where you have just upped your workout routine, you may feel your muscles being a bit tender or sore. This is caused by a mild lactic acid build up. But a balanced program of exercise and rest will get you fit.

Well That’s It!

What I have written here won’t interest everybody, but I hope some of you found this discussion on Sole fitness interesting.

It is always good to know what is going on when you exercise and to realize that the “bull at a gate” approach, or doing too much too soon, with your workout routines is not a good idea. That is one of the reasons why I like the workout the Elliptical Trainer gives you.  It can be more easily managed and more gradual in application both in terms of elliptical settings and time taken. Just remember that doing too much too soon on any piece of exercise equipment can have more serious and permanent impacts than just muscle or joint strains.

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